Are you finished writing your screenplay? Now what? How much is your screenplay worth? What potential monetary value does it have?

Everyone is familiar with Script Coverage, which is an assessment  of your writing skills, characters, arcs, scope, rating system and structure.  It’s an educated opinion from an establish screenwriter or script reader.

Script Coverage covers the artistic aspect of film. Producer Script Coverage covers the business side of film.

Producer Script Coverage focuses on the market, film funding presentation, distribution, monetary funnels, and production value.

producer coverag ereport

I offer a 2-5 page report on your screenplay from an experienced producer’s perspective with 6 films in distribution (REDBOX, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart) with budgets ranging from $150,000.00 to $2,500,000.00.

producer coverage



What is the demand of your genre?


What is going to impress your investors or donors? Is it a pitch deck, mood reel, concept art, proof of concept footage,  or business plan?


What markets can you film reach? Netflix, REDBOX, VOD? Should you get traditional distribution, self distribution, or a hybrid?


Where else can you be making money off your film? A comic book, mobile game/app, merchandise, non-profit partnership, novel, etc.


What is the visual scope of your film? How grand or intimate is it? What could elevate your film into a grander scale?

My service rate is $297.00 for a 2-5 page report on your script and 1 hour consultation. If you have any questions to hesitate to email me or if you want to order immediately click the link PRODUCER SCRIPT COVERAGE