Your script has two potential assets. An emotional one. And a monetary one. 

Since this is a film business oriented blog we will focus on the latter.

You want your script validated by the market! Not your friends or family. THE MARKET. Meaning business people who can make things happen for your film.

Maybe you can relate:

  • You write a screenplay and send out a few emails to production companies…crickets 
  • You catch wind of a script and you want to option but have no business connections.
  • Even worst, you get powerful emotional responses but nobody knows how to bring it into production.

It doesn’t matter if you are a screenwriter, director, producer, or a filmmaker, money will come into play. Whether you are raising money via crowdfunding, investors, minimum guarantee, pre-sales, or a diversification of funds you have to asset the business aspect of your script.

How much is your script worth? What is a realistic budget for my film? Who is your niche audience? The more questions you ask  the more your script starts to compound wealth. What I mean about that is that you will start seeing your script through the same prism that a producer see its, an executive producer sees it, or a distribution company.

It’s time to prove your critics wrong! How long are you going to delay your cinematic masterpiece? Aren’t you tired of watching other filmmakers get their screenplays produced? Yes you can polish a turd! It most likely had a monetary angle you never thought of. That is why crappy movies sell and get produced. It doesn’t matter what genre you are making! There is an aspect of your screenplay you are overlooking. You need insight. The right questions to get your creative juices flowing to the direction of business.

The script has to make actors, producers, donors, investors, distribution companies, salivate to be associated with it.

You might be saying…”Well that’s not my job!”, in this new competitive market…it is! Regardless if you are trying to sell your script or get it produced you will be ahead of the herd just by answering some powerful questions.

To get a producer assessment for your screenplay can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. My current rate is $297.00 but that is going to change quickly.

I spent years perfecting a Producer Script Coverage package. It covers the Market, Film Funding Options, Distribution, Monetary Funnels, and Production Value.

For the last few months I have been developing an essential workbook How Much is Your Screenplay Worth? – How to evaluate your script through the eyes of a producer.

This guide will give you the questions you need to answer to get the ball rolling on raising development funds and then getting investors.

For a modest investment of $97.00 you can start presenting your screenplay to grab film industry professionals attention.

At the end of the workbook you will know exactly what angle to showcase your script to producers, investors, donors, and distribution companies because you will be doing the initial leg work for them. People are busy. They need to see the big picture both from the aesthetic and business side. It’s a powerful action guide that you can implement in less than a few hours. 

We will explore:

  • How to find film comparables (similar films to your script)
  • How to estimate your budget
  • Potential Monetary Funnels
  • Distribution Options
  • How to increase production value

I have provided the Producer Script Coverage to various filmmakers who are now taking action on the powerful insights I gave them. Filmmakers who are now pitching to studios in LA, partnering with established producers, and who are raising money for their films.

At the end of the course you will have the confidence to pitch your script from a business point of view.

We are in the new golden age of video content. Filmmakers are making 6 Figure  incomes with their indie films.  Why not you?