Birth of A KillerGang Money RunAs daunting as making an independent film is time and time again every filmmaker I know dreads finding money for their film. The constant rejections, false leads, and development hell is frustrating. I have broken down the process into three major stages. Development, Financing and Distribution. These are the three major cycles of film funding. Each one is a funnel that fuels your film funding. I have guided numerous filmmakers through each of these critical stages. Film Funding is getting challenging by the minute and you need every asset, tool, and system to insure that you get your film made! Let’s connect and chat. Send me a brief description of what stage of funding  you are in at




  • 2.5%-5% of your budget needs to be allocated for physical materials to show investors and donors
  • Pitch Deck – a physical high concept booklet that services as a mini business plan/look book
  • Concept Art, Storyboards, Mock Poster
  • Proof of Concept Video or Mood Reel
  • Merchandise samples – DVD, Poster, T-Shirt, Tie-in Products
  • Screenplay
  • Mood Reels

Pitch DeckmelanienightmarePitchdecknttrmini







  • Investors: Where to find them and get them in a frenzy
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter and IndieGoGo
  • Product Placement
  • Soft Money: Film Tax Incentives, Grants, Fundraisers
  • Legal
  • Business Plan, Social Media Marketing, Film Budget, Shooting Schedule



  • Theatrical Release
  • Domestic: Redbox, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, Cable Pay Pre-view, Best Buy, Walmart
  • Foreign Territories
  • Self Distribution
  • The Markets – AFM, Cannes, Berlin

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