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Violent Hues Concept Cinematography

Brandi Seguin

Model Brandi Seguin – Photographer Mr. Sifuentes

I’ve been revisiting some of the early concept cinematic style I have for the overall atmosphere, texture, hues and mood.

I did this collaboration with my photographer friend Marvin Jimenez and my modeling friend Brandi Seguin. Brandi was standing in for the role of Monica Guerra – Violent Hue RED.

The goal was to start exploring a potent visual style that would reflect the theme of the film. It was also an opportunity to start working on my directing skills. Getting Brandi in a state where she would trust me and let go. To capture the spirit of this gorgeous violent hue that is Monica Guerra, the main character in Violent Hues.

The script has evolved in such a way that it only empowers the whole journey. It’s on the third draft and every day I have a burning desire to finally produce and film this gem of a film.

Model Brandi Seguin - Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Model Brandi Seguin – Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Model Brandi Seguin - Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Model Brandi Seguin – Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Model Brandi Seguin - Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Model Brandi Seguin – Photographer Marvin Jimenez


Model Brandi Seguin - Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Model Brandi Seguin – Photographer Marvin Jimenez

Art of Dreaming – The Meeting

I haven’t explored a short film I wrote years ago, until recently entitled Art of Dreaming. A surreal tale about an artist trapped between his dreams and painting as while mourns the death of his muse.

Out of the blue I touch based with an old Art Director/Painter friend of mine Gordon Delgado. So we started hanging out again and getting into our deep metaphysical conversations. Which last hours. Not only is Gordon a brilliant painter but a brutal and ingenious writer as well. He gave me some serious feedback on the 1st draft of the screenplay. Out of our meetings we decide to barter some services. He would do the illustrations for me and I would help him edit a promo trailer for one of his features. So far it has been a profound journey.

In less than two week he had the first two colored illustrations that he made with watercolor. It blew my mind.

All of my film career I wanted to direct and only shoot on 35mm. I respect digital and was impressed with the RED Epic after producing – The Journalist. A DP colleague of mine once told me that the difference between 35mm and Digital was the equivalent of acrylic and oil painting. You can create art with both but its a different discipline. But for me its always been 35mm!

The strategy is to produce Art of Dreaming via a fiscal sponsorship from a non-profit organization. Another element is to create one of the best behind the scenes / filmmaking training videos ever.

Here we go. Add on Facebook.

FADE IN: Violent Hues

Violent Hues is my first feature film which was originally entitled “Driving Without Brakes”. It’s currently in the development stage and going on it’s 3rd draft.


Bonded by a traumatic event 3 young women with beautiful violent hues struggle to get back into the flow of life.

The essence of the concept is a metaphor for a person’s perspective. Shades of their personality, spirit, convictions and that unique energy that belongs to every individual. There is an indigenous belief that when a traumatic event happens to a person, their “essence” that unique hue get thrown out of life’s orbit. That joyful flow of life is out of balance. This is a story of them fighting tooth and nail to get back into the rhythm of life. A spiritually brutal journey to finally be in sync.

So who are these beautiful violent hues?

  • MONICA GUERRA: Mexican/Latina Female 21. Raw & Sensual with a stunning urban prowess. Monica does classic street racing illegally to pay for college. Monica is extremely intelligent but has a violent temper. Her father has been in prison every since she was a little girl and she grew up with her uncle and cousin Luisa. Monica owns a ruby 64 Ford Galaxie 500. Violent Hue: RED
  • COURTNEY GALLAGHER: White Female 21. Sexy, Impulsive & Wild. Dirty blonde hair. One of the few white girls in all Mexican South Side neighborhood. Her parents own a hole in the wall music venue on the St. Mary strip where shes a bartender. Photography student at the local community college. Owns a charming beat up 66 Dodge Dart convertible Violent Hue: PURPLE.
  • DEBBIE ORTEGA: Mexican/Latina Female 20. Rugged and Beautiful. Morena. Short butch hair style. A cross between chola/rockabilly lesbian. She is randomly homeless because of the domestic violence at home with her alcoholic mother. Violent Hue: TEAL

A few months ago I had a failed crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to help raise money for the film. Nobody likes to fail but regardless I am still grateful for those who contributed but it fucking stings. A real painful lesson, when ideology and reality clash.

The film wasn’t ready. To many loose ends. Learned a lot. Maybe I’ll make a final attempt at crowdfunding with Kickstarter.

Another important element I am dealing with is to seek traditional distribution or self distribution. Sooner or later I have to be realistic and start seeking investors.

1/2 of my time is planning a funding and distribution strategy and the other 1/2 writing. It consumes my every waking hour but hey that’s the price I’m willing to pay.

But before my first feature film, I have to produce and direct my first short film, The Art of Dreaming and shot it on 35mm film.

I don’t make things easy for myself do I?

Save The Cat Software

Here is an ingenious production software, I just found out about. Most screenwriters have heard of the now infamous “Save the Catscreenwriting book by author Blake Snyder. I did buy a copy of the book and was a modest fan of it.

Well now they offer a screenwriting software for screenwriters. Now this is not a screenwriting program like Final Draft but more like a production board for screenwriters. Which is ingenious.

Being a screenwriter myself I have dozens of notes, photos, locations, index cards, music and composition books scattered around my room. This software seems to handle all those pieces into one concrete puzzle.

The program is only $99.00 and the numerous headaches and time it will save you seems worth the price. I am ordering my copy next week and will give my full review.