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Mr. Sifuentes Bio

As an “at-risk” teen I took it upon myself to take a theatre class in high school as an elective, thinking it would be a great place to crash out. Fortunately, for me I had an outstanding theatre director who wouldn’t allow the craft to be disrespected or taken for granted. The moment I did my first play and was on stage for the first time, I had an profound paradigm shifted. I engulfed everything from plays, novels, philosophy and cinema. After graduating I went to the university to study acting and continued to do local theatre.

A few years passed and a colleague invited me to be a PA on a national commercial directed by Albert Hughes (Menace II Society, From Hell & Book of Eli). I’ve been working every since.

They say that cinema is the complete art. It incorporates every single artistic element ever know and I am continuing to master it!




2014 Dirty Ideas (executive producer)

2014 A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set (producer)

2013 Mahogany Sunrise (producer)

2012 Dani the Ranch Hand (producer)

2012 The Journalist (short) (producer)

2012 Strange Luck (short) (producer)

2011 The Return of Johnny V. (associate producer)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

2013 Homebound (second assistant director)

2010 The Killing Strain (second assistant director)

2008 The Bookie (second second assistant director)

Production Manager/Line Producer

2015 Two Ordinary Joes

2014 The One Who Hears Me (unit production manager) – 16mm Film – Short

2014 Gino’s Wife (unit production manager)

2012 Dani the Ranch Hand (unit production manager)

2011 The Return of Johnny V. (unit production manager)