What are the best books that every film producer should have? I measure a book on two major things. 1. Did it teach me a skill that I can implement immediately. 2. Did it motivate me to take action. It is as simple as that. When it comes to being a film producer and raising film funds you need every asset you can get. Whether its the skill of pitching, film distribution, film funding, or marketing you have to develop a set of actionable skills.

Here is my list of the Best Film Producer Books.


Bankroll was written by actor/film producer, Tom Malloy. To date he has raised over $23,000,000.00 for his feature films. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom at AFM and the guy is amazing! He currently has an online video course on film funding that every filmmaker needs to signup for! https://bankroll.thinkific.com/?ref=846b89


#100pitches: Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have is written by Pitching Guru Squeaky Moore. In her book she documents the lessons she has learned while pitching to development executives, producers, studios, networks, and film industry professionals. And she doesn’t shy away about the major mistakes she has made at all! The book reads like a thriller because you can immediately relate to the mistakes you have made yourself. It’s an absolute must! Squeaky is the real deal!


The Guerrilla Rep was written by my colleague producer rep. Ben Yennie. When its time to sell your film no one gives better advice on how to work the American Film Market like Ben. AFM is the largest film market in the US and every film producer needs to attend. Ben gives you a clear strategy on attending and finding the best distribution company for your indie film.


Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independent is written by Louise Levison. She wrote the original business plan for The Blair Witch Project. The book is on it’s 8 edition and I personally own 3 editions. Great overview on making a business plan for your film. I personally use a combination of this book and other successful business plans but nonetheless this book is mandatory.


Pitch Anything is written by Oren Flaff. This is perhaps the best sales book every. Oren is not a filmmaker but his theory on pitch can easily translate into film producing. Oren has raised over 2 Billion dollars for companies seeking funding! This guy is no joke and his method on pitching is practical and easy to grasps once he breakdowns his system. Can you pitch a multi-million project in 6 minutes? Oren has done it hundreds of times. It’s a mental shift and once that pandora’s box is open your presentations will never be the same.

Now grab a copy of these powerful books NOW!

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