How is your personality type affecting your funding goals? And what adjustments and partnerships do you need to create to become successful? Most of us seem to fall under 4 main categories.

Action – Natural Salesperson, Go getter, Closer

Emotional – Creative, Introspective, Bonding, Inspired

Practical – Logistics, proof, evidence, planning

Social – Master of the Rolex, networking, connecting people

From a scale from 1-10 give a number to each personality type.

Here is mine.

Emotional -9

Practical – 8

Action – 6

Social – 5

Based on my own assessment I personally need to connect emotionally to a screenplay, director, key crew, “the vision” in order to be on my A game. I need to see concept art, mood reel, a spec poster, actors palette.

But I also need practical materials to feel confident. All my ducks have to be in order; pitch deck, business plan, budget, projections, estimates, research, data, etc.

I do also recognize my weaknesses. Action will always triumphs planning. At some point to you need make those cold calls, emails, and accomplish a massive to do list. GET THINGS DONE!

Social engagement has always been challenging for me. I dread small talk since I like deep profound conversations. I have noticed that when I am in film industry event I tend to open up and become way more receptive but how many lost opportunities have I missed because I couldn’t start a simple conversation outside my circle?

That being said I know exactly where I need to focus my attention and start developing more relationships and take massive action daily. I have made it a habit this year to have phone calls everyday with filmmakers I have never meet. Just talking shop.

Feel free to share your own assessment and plans to cover your weaknesses! For a free personality test go here


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