As the hours are counting down for 2017 I want you to make a commitment no matter what to shoot your film in 2018!

As a loyal members I wanted to share my Development Fund Checklist! The journey from script to distribution is not for the faint of heart. You have to let your passions overpower your fears, frustrations, and resources.

When you are facing your challenges, at any moment you need my services don’t hesitate to contact me immediately! I want nothing more than to service visionary filmmakers accomplish their film funding goals.

Don’t let another year pass by without leaving your legacy. There is an audience out there dying to see your independent film.

Whether it’s a pitch deckscript breakdown, or consultation on your screenplay from a producer’s perspective I’m here!

Start lining up your slate of films for 2018 and don’t hesitate to share what you are currently working on now!

2018 is our YEAR!


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