Why isn’t anybody reading my screenplay?

What can be more depressing than having your screenplay gather dust. You have sent it to friends, family, colleagues, and film industry professionals. Nada… Silence is worst than having a bad script coverage report. You begin to doubt the efforts you put into your screenplay.

What if the presentation was the missing ingredient to finally getting the attention you worked so hard on? You need to regroup and reevaluate your screenplay whether you wrote it or option it. You screenplay needs to be showcase in a way that creates excitement in under a minute.

one sheet can do just that! As a producer, I constantly need to spread the word on the films I am producing. One sheets are usually used by screenwriters to promote their scripts to industry professionals but as filmmakers & producers we can use the same method but with a unique twist!

One Sheet Mini Course could be the solution to finally having your script validated and build momentum on your film and career.

My mini course on creating your own one sheet breaks down each of the key elements you have to include in your presentation. It’s the most cost effective method to start generating energy on your screenplay!


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