What are the 5 essential items you must have in your film funding package?

Presentation is everything when pitching to investors. Whether it’s getting development funds, investments, or pitching to a studio! You have to have material that you can create in stages to start raising funds. Pre-Development, Development, and then Production funds. Here is my top 5 items you have to have when pitching your project.

  1. One Sheet

A one sheet is usually used by screenwriters promoting their scripts to film industry professionals. As film producers I think we can utilize our own version and include production notes that will entice potential partners. As soon as you finish or option your screenplay create one immediately. Take a glance at the mini course I am offering!

One Sheet

2. Producer Script Coverage

Producer Script Coverage is an assessment of your screenplay from an established producer who has more experience than you do. The producer will read your script and give you notes on The Market, Funding Options, Distribution, Monetary Funnels, and Production Value. An assessment can range from $300.00 to a few thousand. If you are interested in having producer script coverage feel free to contact me.

Producer Script Coverage

3. Business Plan/Film Budget/Shooting Schedule

A business plan is essential when pitching to investors! Always focus on your audience! The majority is speculation but there is no excuse on studying your demographic. In addition to a business plan you have to have a proper film budget and shooting schedule. Hire an established UPM/Line Producer. They can range from $3,500.00 to $7,500.00 and it will save you money in the long

As a line producer I have worked on budgets ranging from $50,000.00 to $2,500,000.00 million. You need a solid plan! To inquire about my film funding package which includes pitch decks, business plan, film budget, shooting schedule, concept art, mood reel, and proof of concept footage feel free to contact me.

Film Funding Services

4. Concept Art/Mood Reel

You need to convey your script visually. Whether its concept art, mock poster, storyboards, illustrations, or animatics. Having an emotional engaging mood reel can be extremely powerful as well. A mood reel is a short trailer usually using other films footage to convey how your film will look once produced. I work with some amazing concept artist, animators, editors, and graphic designers and we can create something compelling for your film project.

5. Pitch Decks

A pitch deck is one of the most powerful materials you can have when pitching to film industry professionals and investors. A pitch deck is a mini version of a business plan and production look book. It is a small brochure you can give to important people who can make your film become a reality.

To inquire about getting a custom pitch deck contact me immediately!

Pitch Decks

Each one of these items can be done in stages as you begin to raise funds. More importantly each one should take you to the next step of the film funding process.

  • One Sheet: including a mock poster or concept art $500.00 to $750.00
  • Producer Script Coverage: $300.00 to a few thousand
  • Business Plan/Film Budget/Shooting Schedule: $3,500.00 to $7,500.00
  • Concept Art/Mood Reel: $750.00 to $1,500.00
  • Pitch Deck contact me for a full film funding package!


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