Film Markets & Film Festivals are more important than you think. It can be the road to financing your independent film. During my many years of trying to make things happen, I always felt I was at a standstill when communicating via email and phone. Things got stagnate and never went anywhere outside of a few replies.

The importance of physically meeting sales agents, producer reps., distribution companies, and partners is unparalleled. Meeting important people face to face brings a new level of building a relationship that the digital age can’t touch. They need to see you in person, see how you present and sell your film project, plus it’s a good indication that you take your career seriously. That is why I attend AFM.

Next month in Sept. I am attending Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. One of the largest genre film markets in the world. Specializing in horror, fantasy, and experimental. Major distribution companies will be attending. I will be taking three pitch decks with me to present at Fantastic Fest. Three solid genre films with massive commercial appeal. The goal is to build relationships that can lead to a minimum guarantee or pre-sales.

The majority of 1st & 2nd tier film festivals have major distribution representatives attending the festivals as well. What better way to meet them face to face and start networking directly to companies that can make things happen for your film.

What film markets or film festivals will you be attending this year?

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