producer and director partnership can be both creatively fulfilling and frustrating. You have two masters of their field who speak totally different languages and perspectives. If mutual respect is created in the beginning and each expresses what their standards and expectations are, you both can avoid countless headaches and arguments.

You have the director that sees the film in a visual and emotional level and the producer who sees the film in the market. Both have their purpose and both are justified in their outlooks. The yin and yang. Each one should be devoted to an equilibrium that respects the film from an aesthetic view and a business one. Film is the most expensive art form. It demands an insane amount of resources.  

The amount of work an indie film producer should never be disregarded. Hundreds of emails, phone calls, and favors are mandatory but the best producers nurture their directors and offering as many resources as humanly possible to fulfill the directors vision. A producer makes shit happen! On the fly and by the second. If anything, the producer is the one who believes in the director the most. Usually they are brainstorming in the early stages of screenwriting and will be there in distribution.

Don’t waste your energy in petty arguments. Choose your battles and make them worth it. The producer has a responsibility to the audience, market, and investors. If a director is falling short or is loose with the budget you bet the producer has a right to call them out. Always look through the perspective of what is best for the film. Sometimes the director is absolutely right in their decision. As a producer you should be mature enough to agree when a director gives you a strong artistic reason. Build a partnership where you both bring out the best in each other.

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