Who else should you follow in the film industry? There are hundreds of filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters who share their insights, blogs, podcast, cases studies, and experience on social media. Each one of them focusing on a certain area of indie film. Some focus on producing, distribution, filmmaking in general, marketing, and others on self distribution. It’s refreshing and energetic to hear other filmmakers go through the trails & tribulations. And when they succeed even better! It gives you a boost of energy and inspiration to continue moving forward on your film.

Here is a list of some of my favorite filmmakers. 

Stacy Parks – Film Specifichttp://startupfilmmaker.com/blog – Stacy Parks, is a renowned and respected sales agent/producer rep. She gives insight on all aspects of distribution, packaging, and the market. I constantly go to her website to get up to date information on what’s going on in distribution. A wealth of information.

Stephen Followshttps://stephenfollows.com/blog/ – Stephen Follows is an independent filmmaker who developed a knack for statistics and data. What started off as a minor side project has lead Stephen to become one of the industries most sought-after researchers. Meticulous data and statistics ranging from VOD sales to Crowdfunding campaigns.

Alex Ferrari – Indie Film Hustle https://indiefilmhustle.com/podcasts/ – One of the godfathers of indie filmmakers on social media. By far one of my favorite podcast. Alex covers every single aspect of filmmaking. He has interviewed some amazing filmmakers with discussions ranging from producing, distribution, crowdfunding, and using social media.

Scott  McMahon- Film Troopers – http://filmtrooper.com/blog/ – Scott has a unique angle on his blog/podcast which focuses more on marketing and PR.

Stephanie Palmer – Good in the Room – https://goodinaroom.com/category/blog/ – Stephanie Palmer use to be an Executive at MGM before venturing on her own. She has heard thousands of pitches from screenwriters, producers, and filmmakers. Even though her site focuses more on screenwriters, one of her recurring themes is pitching. So whether you are a producer or filmmaker this is still valuable information when you are pitching investors, production companies, studios, or distribution companies.

Jason Brubaker – Filmmaking Stuffhttp://filmmakingstuff.com/ The granddaddy of them all! Jason, was a pioneer when it came to using social media as a filmmaker. He was the first filmmaker who I ever subscribed too. He was one of the first proponents of self distribution. He’s sole focus is on empowering filmmakers to take control of their films. He is currently the Vice President of Distribber.

I am not affiliate with any of this amazing filmmakers. Just a huge fan! Follow them!

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