How do you keep momentum when you are still raising funding on your film? 
The hard reality is that its difficult to grab anyone’s attention on your film when you barely have any assets.  It’s like watching static on a TV. It’s just noise. There are no actors attached, no key crew, no development funds, or visual materials. All you have is a script. An idea. A treatment. Or a logline.

That same script has energy. You have to use it to build buzz. This is the time to hone your pitching skills. That same script is what is going to put images on that screen and turn the white noise into a picture. Every day do something to bring your film into fruition and every week do something major. Work on your business plan, research your demographic, read the trades (Hollywood Reporter & Variety), work on your film comparables (similar films in your genre and budget range), find out which film festivals would be an ideal match, and breakdown possible monetary funnels.

You have to invest money from the begin. Even when there is no development funds. Start small. Get some concept art, storyboards, make a mock movie poster, do a proof of concept photo session, get a group of actors to do a table read, and start reaching out to other filmmakers for feedback.

Little by little the snowball effect starts. This unspoken energy starts building up. People start inquiring about what’s going on with your script. More people come into your life. Introductions and networking opportunities start opening up. All these elements fuel you. You need that extra energy to keep pushing. It can be very solitary when you first start raising money for your film. It has a similar feeling when writing a script.

When you are raising film funding everyone avoids you like the plague, until you raise the first dollar. Then the next. Until you have enough to shoot your film.

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