Due to the overwhelming demand of my film funding packages I am now considering doing a pitch deck course. The main product of my film funding packages are these elegant physically printed pitch decks that I make for independent filmmakers who are seeking funding on their projects. A pitch deck is a condense business plan/look book. The starting rate for a full film funding package which includes; a pitch deck, business plan, film budget, shooting schedule, mood reel, and concept art illustrations starts at $7,500.00. 

The majority of independent filmmakers can not afford a custom personalized pitch deck at that rate. To make it accessible to the majority of filmmakers I am exploring offering an online course that would be a step by step guide on how to create your own pitch deck at an affordable price.  The course would include:

  • Design Template
  • Video Tutorial
  • Guide on where to hire designers, concept artist, printing
  • Page by Page layout by topic
  • Pitching to Investors Workshop
  • Step by Step breakdown of what needs to be included in the pitch deck
  • Creating a visual mood that matches your script

So I wanted to ask my fellow filmmakers who would benefit from a pitch deck, what else would you want me to include in the course? What burning questions do you need answered? Should it focus more on the design or the business? Or a perfect balance of both? The business plan and pitch deck go hand in hand. Would you also like additional information on creating an engaging business plan?

As my business continues to grow, I am now adding additional employees to my roaster. I want to be build an impeccable reputation on making the most researched and gorgeous pitch decks in the business. The goal is to have a track record of filmmakers finding funding via my pitch decks. 

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    Prema Rose

    Mr S….I love the passion you bring to your work and your posts. The course is a great idea, so we can create the necessary items or expand on what we already have.


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