Two weeks ago I was hired to do a film funding package for an action packed international crime thriller entitled The Cleaner and The Deadman. The film is being directed by VFX guru Jess Bryden and was filmed in Hawaii.

Logline: While on a global hunt for a genius drug scientist, two hit men are forced to fight for their lives after they uncover an insidious conspiracy.

The films has an amazing cast of professional stuntmen and stuntwomen, who have been in some major films & network series. I immediately hired one of my graphic designers to create an enthralling and mysterious film poster. Something with an element of danger and mystique. She knocked it out of the park! The poster grabs your attention immediately.

In less than a week we went from 900 Facebook fans to 17,000. That is a huge number to hit on an unknown indie action film. Everybody is loving the vfx, action sequences, and insane stunts. The behind the scenes video we shared on Facebook already has 93,000 views. Distribution companies and sales agents do pay attention to your social media presence. It shows that there is a demand and eager demographic that wants to see your film.

This film will get domestic and international distribution! The director and I are already discussing casting some notable action stars to increase our leverage on distribution. With the amount of high quality visual effects, exotic locations, and an international cast, we know that distribution companies are going to be in a frenzy to get our film into the international market. Our goal is to get on REDBOX, Netflix, VOD, Pay Pre-View and sell as many foreign territories as possible. 

On your first independent film focus your budget on what really matters! 

Like us on Facebook and watch this insanely cool behind the scenes video. I can’t wait to travel to Hawaii and wrap up this film!

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