I finally got the What’s Your Sign, Girl?, concept art! I’m blown away! Encase you are new to my blog, What’s Your Sign, Girl? is a sitcom series I am developing to either produce as a web series or to pitch it to a network. It’s a cross between Man Seeking Woman and New Girl. Here is the logline.

Logline: A hopeless romantic Art Director at a social media firm gets dumped by her high powered attorney boyfriend and is now forced to go back into the dating scene and go out with immature men and their crazy zodiacs.

One of the least expensive ways to get your vision across is via concept art illustrations or proof of concept photography. This series has a cool surreal/fantasy twist to it so I knew visuals where going to be important. Ever date a Gemini? That is exactly want I wanted to convey in the illustration! A crazy wacky guy who seems to have split personalities and can never make up his mind whether to take the relationship to the next level or not.

Another important step I took was getting script coverage. I needed a professional assessment of my current pilot episode. It was worth every cent. It is critical to get an opinion from a professional who is outside of your circle They have no emotional attachment to you so they can give you an objective opinion on your screenplay. Plus paying them speeds up the feedback. How many times have you sent a script to a friend or a colleague only to reminded them weeks later if they have read it yet?

An additional step I took was to hire an assistant to breakdown the script for possible product placement partnerships. Sooner or later you have to start delegating your task so you can focus solely on the creative or business side of the film project. This specific series is a perfect match for product placement.  You are only one person. Multitasking has it’s limits, unless you are a Gemini 😉

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