I just got hired to do a product placement breakdown on a cool kinetic action film. It is an assessment of every possible item, prop, wardrobe, vehicle, location, set dressing, you can think of in the script so we can approach companies, brands, and entrepreneurs for integrated product placement. With integrated product placement you can charge a modest fee to local and regional companies who are looking for exposure on their businesses and brands. It is a clever way to gather soft money. We live in the age of attention and companies are fighting tooth and nail to be relevant.

This film I am working is located in a mega tourist location that attracts wealthy people who are looking for relaxation and fun! There are hundreds of companies that cater to this industry. Since this is an independent film we are going to focus on local and regional companies who can’t afford hundreds of thousands of dollars nor millions for advertising, promotions, or product placement with high end companies.

As a Line Producer/UPM by trait, breakdowns come naturally for me. The details do count both in making a budget and doing a product placement assignment. Line by line, scene by scene every element is a hidden gold nugget! One item with a strong attachment to a niche demographic can be the hidden gem for both your film and the companies looking for exposure. It’s to a companies benefit to get massive exposure via social media shouts, film distribution, and exclusive integration with their product and our film. It’s a mutual benefit both for the film production and companies who desperately need product placement at a modest and reasonable price. If done properly the company can basically get exposure for months or years. Thousands of eyes on their brand. Look at your script and find those hidden golden nuggets!

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