So what’s the most inexpensive way to do a proof of concept test? Still photography! Doing a proof of concept photo shot is one of the most affordable ways to test your film before investing thousands of dollars into a video proof of concept. It requires a minimum crew, your cast, and an enticing vision. The only crew members you really need is your DP/Photographer, Makeup Artist, Behind The Scenes Videographer, and Stylist/Wardrobe. My current budget will be under $500.00 dollars.

For the current webseries I am creating, What’s your sign, girl?, we are creating a series of mock posters, promo photography, and some behind the scenes videos. So what purpose are these photos going to serve? We are testing the market!  What better way to test our concept before spending countless hours in development, hunting down investors, and reaching our audience. It’s a clever way to see if people are even interested or if the sitcom series really has a relevant preexisting audience. 

Our standards for the proof of concept photo session are high! We already know which sitcom comparables to use in our pitch deck and which companies would most likely support us for product placement. My goal is to have 80% of the sitcom budget come from product placement and sponsorship.

The sitcoms we are using for comparables are Man Seeking Women, New Girl, Amy Schmidt, Jane the Virgin, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So after we are finished with the photo session we are going to start sharing it on our social media platforms. For this series we feel that Facebook and Instagram are our best options for promoting, collecting data, and building a small fan base. Our goal is to get at least 5000 Facebook fans and at least 500 on Instagram. Based on our engagement and public interaction we can green light the series!

These stats are going to be a major component when contacting companies for product placement, crowdfunding, and sponsorship!

Here are samples of the bar we have set!

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