Who else is producing at midnight?  It’s getting close to midnight and you have a million things to do. Time is the real illusion for most film producers. Not enough hours in the day. You spend 80% of your time getting a film off the ground and only 20% on set. That’s the way it is. I love being on set! That is where I hit my peak performance . That is my zen. No question. Sometimes we forget why we spend so much time trying to raise money, pitching to investors, writing business plans, making pitch decks, budgets, and marketing plans.

The feeling you get being on a hot set is like nothing else. Organize chaos! An element of danger, excitement, and awe. Live improv where you have to make split second decisions. You think actors are the only ones who think on their feet?

Locking down funding for your indie film has it’s own high but nothing beats being on set. Getting distribution is cool. Having a premiere to a sold out crowd is amazing! Seeing your DVD on REBOX is mindblowing! At times, being on a film set seems like the only thing that is raw and real. Fighting with your AD, finding an ADHD actor, joking with your soundmixer, or watching your DP drink is 5th latte.

But filming at night has mythology. Primal. That’s when things get really fun. It’s a breathing hallucination. 10 minutes til midnight.

I have loglines to finish, film comparables to research, self distribution strategies to consider, and 10 business plans to work on. 5 minutes til midnight. No one wants to do the boring work but I know this is what will get me closer to being on set. While others are sleeping. I’m hustling and getting closer to being on set again. Every night I am checking off something from my to do list. Every day, I’m getting closer and closer. So when you feel like giving up, just envision yourself on set!



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