I got a lot of questions about my proof of concept package. So I want to give a breakdown on how I am approaching it for one of the film projects I am Executive Producer on, a web series entitled, What’s Your Sign, Girl?

Logline: Stella Paloma, a vibrant hopeless romantic Art Director at a social media firm gets dumped by her high powered attorney boyfriend and is now forced to go back into the dating scene by going out with immature men and their crazy zodiacs.

This is a web series I am developing with my actress friend, Brittany. Think Man Seeking Woman meets New Girl! But with a Latino flare. So the first thing I did was write the pilot episode which came out to 25 pages. Here are the next steps I am taking.

  • 1st thing is I am going to do, is hire a comedic writing duo to polish the pilot and work on a script bible. 12 episodes for season 1.
  • 2nd is to find local/regional companies for product placement that would be a perfect fit for our show and demographic
  • 3rd start working on some proof of concept photography and test it out on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • 4th make a modest budget to film the pilot. $10,000.00 would tight but $25,000.00 would hit the spot!
  • 5th key focus for the budget is the VFX, Writers, and Social Media Marketing.
  • 6th experiment with a tie in monetary funnel. Is it going to be merchandise, a phone app, selling adverting on our page?
  • 7th is hiring a social media expert to help us reach our audience and have them sign up to our newsletter and social media accounts.

If you notice I developed this series based on a solid demographic (horoscopes are still really popular) and by making the lead character an Art Director at a social media firm, that gives us room to reach out to local/regional businesses and offer our own version of exposure for their company by funding ours. Let’s see what the tarot cards say 😀

P.S. Don’t forget to join our secret Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/675670072584398

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