Producing in the 21st century is a bit of an anomaly.  What I have fought for in the last 20 years no longer seems relevant. Shooting on 35mm, getting a theatrical release, and being accepted to some prestigious film festivals. You spend a whole career wondering if you are ever going to make a mark in the film industry. Taking any gig you can to continue learning the craft and to fuel a dwindling spirit full of rejections, delays, roadblocks, writers block, and lack of financial assets.  You are bombard by new consumption of media and the their niche outlets. You try to anticipate what will be the right social media platform to bring attention to your work and as soon as it appears its gone. What’s going on with Snapchat? What the hell is Snapchat? Is Twitter dying? Instagram now has video storytelling?

We have gone from 35mm, to HD cameras, then DSLRS, and now smart phones. Now a viral video with a million plus hits is more detrimental than a theatrical release. Yet is anyone making a real career or living off of it?

You have to fight an over-saturated market, intense competition (just go to Vimeo and type DP reels), and younger filmmakers who are utilizing social media like second nature.

As film producers we sometimes feel like a one man army. Exhausted. Over stretched. Delusional?  Defiant against a massive wave of funding we don’t have or savviness to communicate to our audience in a way that feels natural and inviting.

How can one producer go up against a force of nature out of their control? In the mist of what is in front of me I’m just going to have to focus on what I can control and nurture. A fine script, brilliant actors, and a clever way to reach my audience.

Just a late night rant.

2 thoughts to “Producing in the 21st Century

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    Prema Rose

    So true….

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      Mr. Sifuentes

      I forgot to note that we should all delegate our weaknesses.


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