Is self distribution a myth or the future? A few days ago I bought an online filmmaker course by Filmmaker MBA,  the course focuses on self distribution. If you haven’t heard of these two filmmakers Keith Ochwat and Christopher Rufo, pay close attention. These two filmmakers made over $1,500,000.00 in a span of two years on their senior athlete documentary, Age of Champions! You can’t get more niche than that! I had to take a step back and slap myself on the face! $1,500,000.00 all via self distribution! This is a huge reminder on the importance of knowing your demographic inside out.

With out giving away the course’s contents, a deeper revelation that was brought into light was how quickly their assumptions got put to the test. It wasn’t the seniors that ended up supporting them the most but those who serve them. Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in!

These two filmmakers go into such detail that you will get a flood of ideas that you can utilize on your indie film.  An avalanche of action plans, inspiration, and insight into making $1,500,000.00 100% without traditional distribution! Those numbers are insane! What position would you be in if you could presale your film before it was even shot and raise 25-50% perfect of the budget before you even considered reaching out to an investor.

What kind of leverage would you have if you had thousands of people sign up before you even film?  You wouldn’t be at the mercy of a handout. You would be on an equal playing field ready to make the terms work for you and your film. These is what indie filmmaking is all about. Having control of how to get your film out to your audience. But make no mistake. This has to be your obsession. It has to become a part of who you are as a filmmaker.

Here is a link to the course. I have no affiliation nor do I get money for promoting it. Just sharing this awesome course. Its worth every penny and I am already implementing their techniques into my projects!

2 thoughts to “Is Self Distribution a Myth or the Future?

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    harry monk

    If people are so good at making films that can raise 15m in sales, why do they then spend their time selling online courses telling people how to make films that make 15m in sales? As opposed to making films.
    Indi filmmaking has turned into a pyramid scheme of never ending paid for information from people who are so successful at filmmaking that they don’t make films!

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      Mr. Sifuentes

      Hey Harry,

      Valid question. I can only speak from what the filmmakers have shared. They have been really transparent in how they made $1.5 million in sales out of a documentary nonetheless. You have to see it from the perspective of what we are up against as indie filmmakers. From what these two filmmakers mentioned they had no marketing money. So to hit $1.5 with no marketing funds is relevant to any filmmaker. Even if you implement one method it could change your career. I don’t think their prime focus is selling course. Its just another monetary funnel for them. Me personally. The money I invested in the course was worth every cent. Best.


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