How do you make money on your indie film before it’s even shot? I about to experiment with a concept I call micro promotion. Currently, I am developing an indie sketch comedy webseries for a niche demographic.

Before I put all my eggs in one basket I want to test the market and see how my potential audience might react to it. The last thing I want to do is spend a few thousand dollars on a concept that will not resonate with my audience. So I decided to design a t-shirt with a popular catch phrase that my demographic would immediately recognize.

I had a mock t-shirt made and I immediately contacted 20 friends/acquaintances that fit my demographic. Right off the bat I asked them if they would buy it? The majority of them said YES! I also asked what price they would pay. The average was $20.00.

Then I made a list of my top 20 influential friends on Facebook and Instagram. What I was looking for was not the likes they get on their post but the engagement. What is more valuable? 250 likes or 35 plus engaging comments? For me engagement is more relevant than likes. A like is just an acknowledgement that your post is cool but a comment is an invested conversation.

Here is my current budget: $350.00

$100.00 will go to Facebook Ads. I’m going to offer 10 of my influential friends $25.00 each for sharing my t-shirt on their social media platforms for a total of $250.00. The other 10 personal friends I will ask for a favor.

The goal is to have $5,000.00 in net sales in a month. That money will be utilize to start filming some skits. 1/3 of any money made will go back to advertising on Facebook and paying influencers to continue promoting the t-shirt. Obviously, I will start documenting stats. What works best? Facebook ads or Influencers?

Micro Promotions can be used for every genre. It’s your responsibility as a film producer to test your film and find a monetary outlet you can experiment with before investing all your money on it. I will share my stats with our community in the next few weeks.

Now go out there and hustle!

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