What are the 4 Film Investor Personality Types? Your investors like the characters in your film have archetypes. Like a character in a film they tend to have a dominating traits about their persona. I can across this ingenious acronym from Tai Lopez, called P.A.S.E., which stands for

  • Practical – Logisics
  • Action – Physical
  • Social – Community
  • Emotional  – Personal 

There are dozens of variations of personality types but this is a great starting point. Like most people we tend to have a dominating personality and strong secondary trait. Me personally, I am a E.P.A.S. For me you have to touch me emotionally but I am more logistical that I like to admit.  So why is this important to know and how is it relevant to pitching to an investor or donor? Because once you can determine a persons dominating trait you can tailor your pitch to them.

A practical investor needs to see infographs, projections, film budgets, ROI, and a clear path from start to finish. An action oriented investors needs to see physical evidence. They need to see that you have done the leg work.  They need to know that you are confident, and a hustler. For a social investor they need to see how your film is going to reach an audience. They are moved my social impact and tend to gravitate to marketing. For an emotional dominated investor you have to approach them one on one. It’s about the message of your film and how they can relate to your synopsis on an emotional level.

Start by giving yourself an honest assessment of your own personality. Are you naturally inclined to any of these traits? Which one is the most dominating and which one is your 2nd major trait?

When your pitch, presentation, and material can speak to any of these personalities at any given time you are golden!

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