Equity Crowdfunding is revolutionizing how film producers can fund their slate of films. Its a serious option to consider. In a nut shell, equity crowdfunding is a process where people buy shares in an unlisted company that is not in the stock market. What made this possible was the JOBS Act, which that congress and the previous president signed. Think of it as a mini stock market/kickstarter platform but instead of donations you are actually investing.  The legalities can be a tad complex but once you submit and get approved by the SEC then you are good to go. Obviously consult with an attorney and do some research.

A few weeks ago I started working on a film funding package for Have Not Films. An exciting production company lead by visionary CEO/Director Erik Bernard! Erik, is a US Army Apache Helicopter Veteran of 13 years and he has always had a passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Considering that Erik, is in the beginning stages of his first film, what impressed me the most was the amount of leg work he had done prior to working with me. From concept art, collaborating with key production team, VFX team, SFX team, and his presentation. Erik was prepared! And this is from a 1st time filmmaker!!! It was his spellbinding storytelling and passion to create his film that sold me! It was refreshing and energizing to talk to someone who is 100% serious and obsessed about making his film. If you like horror/sci-fi this is the director and company to keep an eye on! 2017 Slate is looking amazing!

Yesterday, Erik, production company went live on a equity crowdfunding platform. You can get more details on the official website. We also got a media plug via Cheddar, a tech business company. https://cheddar.vhx.tv/videos/cheddar-closing-bell-s3-e013017-j-full-mezz-hd-en-us

For more information on the offer follow this link! https://growthfountain.com/564



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