So where do you find film investors? I think a better question is who is your ideal film investor? Before you start hunting down investors you have to have a clear picture of them. How important is personality, compatibility, or the industry where they made their wealth? How important are business ethics? Yes, I have to ask! Are you comfortable cutting corners or do you want to do everything by the book? If your investor is new to the film industry are they patience in their ROI? Or do they want to see maximum returns asap? Is this the type of person that will call you daily asking how you are utilizing their money? Or are you looking for an investors that is going to give you some tough love?

Is there a possible tie-in of their business into your film? Can you handle a brash personality, or a slower methodical decision maker?  What level of interaction do you want them in the process? What is the most important leverage you have? Is it actors, distribution, key crew, experience, or is your story so moving that you are confident in pitch? Do they have the same energy frequency as you?

If you potential investor is a tech millionaire how can their knowledge or connections help you reach your goals? Do you know the 10 things that get film investors excited?  One of the strongest assets you can have is a scenario where you can use your investors business to give energy and momentum to your indie film.

Once you know exactly who your ideal investor is you start getting a clear picture of where they do their business, where they hang out, what moves them, and how to approach them. Is this investor the missing piece to your personality or do they uplift your weaknesses?  When you become focus on exactly what type of person you want to attract things move at a faster pace.

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