What’s missing from your indie film business plan? These last few months have been extremely busy and I am lining up a fantastic slate for 2017. Time and time again I am reminded that your business plan is the center piece of your business foundation.

One of the biggest questions when making a business plan is how you will your investors get a return of investment and how will you mitigate risk. 9 out of 10 business plans I have seen never address this in their package. You are creating doubt and risk from the beginning by avoiding these important components. To much time is spent on key personnel and not on how your investor will actually make a profit. Your business plan has to be the shield and sword of your investor. 

Risk Management is a crucial component in your business plan. What additional assets are you including in your business plan that will minimize your risks? Do you have a partnership with a casting director, sales agent, or experienced producers? How are you using film incentives, or product placement as part of your package? ROI and Risk Management have been at the center of my business plans for the recent film funding packages I have made.


Are you giving a clear visual guide to your investor on how they will get their money back? Are you including a timeline? Most investors are not familiar with the water fall structure of making money by investing in films. It is your responsibility to show them. Not all financial structures are the same. They have to be custom made. For some filmmakers crowdfunding plays a bigger role, for others its debt financing. What is your investor scenario?


What assets are you using to safe guard your investors? How are you shielding them from potential lost? Are pre-sale, film incentives, product placement, or partnerships at the center of your risk management? Each asset you include filters potential lost and redirects it toward profits. A success film festival run is not a plan or a safeguard.

These are the many assets I include in my film funding packages! For inquires send me a message at info@mistersifuentes.com

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