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Pitch Decks are revolutionizing how indie filmmakers are getting investments, contributions, grants, distribution, and collaborations.

What is a pitch deck? It’s a physical printed brochure with a compressed business plan/look-book. They give your prospects the financial and artistic highlights. It’s a powerful presentation tool that leaves them asking for more. This is your first impression to opening impenetrable¬†doors!

Whither you are looking to raise film funding via kickstarter or looking for traditional investors a professional pitch deck will increase your goals 10x!

I make pitch decks for filmmakers looking to take their presentation to the next level.

Contact me so we can start a conversation and get your film financed!


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    Blaise Boyd

    This is my logline: A man and his girlfriend race across to countries to prevent an evil, bodysnatching company and their army of robots from taking over the world.


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