Pitching Pyramid

The Art of Pitching has three points: The Pitch, Material and You. It is the foundation for an elegant and engaging presentation.


The most compelling pitches I’ve heard are the ones that start with a compelling question. A question automatically engages someone. It sets the stage to be invited into the world you are creating in your film. When I attended AFM a few months ago, I heard dozens of pitches from producers, screenwriters and directors. The ones that grabbed me the most, where the ones that started with a fascinating question. This works with any genre!

The two main components of pitching are the written pitch/synopsis and the verbal one. Make it resonate with your audience. Let your voice vibrant your conviction to get your film made. Hypnotize them with your writing.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to use visuals to engage people. Your materials include your pitch deck, concept art, mood reel, spec merchandise, animatics, posters, storyboards, screenplay, and anything a person can physically hold. When it’s tangible it’s real. It plants a seed in the prospect’s mind that says “hey, this can actually happen and I want to be a part of it”. Investors, Hedge Funds, and Business People are use to seeing prototypes. So have material that you can use with your presentations.


You have to be in the right frame of mind when pitching. Your presence, voice and appearance has to convey passion, reason and vision. When you are pitching, you are building a frame to capture someone’s imagination. It’s an invitation to disrupt someone’s routine. If you master it, you can suspend reality for a few minutes. It’s like a living daydream for both you and the person you are pitching too. It is your duty to spellbind them and bring the future into the present. There are 10 things that get investors excited and you have to master them all.

As in all things it’s in the preparation. Practice until it becomes second nature. Make it an extension of who you are. You only have one shot!

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