What does every business, service, product or company crave? Attention! Exposure! Brand loyalty! Since cinema’s inception producers have been plugging products and services into their films for a price or free products. As an indie film producer you have to find product placement hacks that you can implement immediately.

So how does an independent film producer tap into product placement? Stop focusing on national brands! Put all your efforts into partnering with successful regional and local companies. The scrutiny and red tape that goes into getting brand products is tedious. There are firms that specialize in getting you national production placements but those are expensive.

Why does product placement work in the first place? Because of the emotional attachment that is portrayed on screen. It’s a powerful bond but it has to be used tactfully and with subtly. That is why integrated product placement is more powerful that having a product in the background for a few seconds. It becomes part of the story or the character. It’s an extension of the scene that can build a strong connection.

When proposing to a company, breakdown the fee in three tiers based on exposure and screen time. Get them excited by inviting them to set. That way they can get behind the scenes stills which they can use for promotion and social media marketing.

Make sure you breakdown your demographic into niches. Imagine your core audience as the bullseye and the surrounding circles as other audience members that can be broke down by the genre, subject matter and story. Dissect it into micro bites. Mini segments that you can incorporate into your film.

Another key selling point, is promoting your lead actors into a possible marketing campaign for the company you are talking to. The more you bring to the table the more leverage you have. Come with a marketing plan that explains the possible exposure their product or service can get. Pitch them the idea that they will be seen in theaters, REDBOX, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, DVD, etc. The audience net could be wider than you think. Don’t forget to also promote them on your social media accounts and website.

Here are some ideas to get you started!


  • Local Beverages – Soda/Pop, Wine, Beer
  • Fashion Designers
  • Car Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Local Snack Products – Chips, Candy, Beef Jerky
  • Local & Regional Grocery Chains
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Auto Repair Garage Chains
  • Bail Bonds
  • Doctors
  • Night Clubs

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