There are four major pillars in film funding. Investors, Product Placement, Crowdfunding, and Soft Money . Each one has its own systematic approach and execution. The key to film funding is diversification. Your script will give you an inclination on where you should be putting your efforts in. Regardless, you should incorporate all four film funding pillars simultaneously. Each one fuels and gives energy to the tonality of your production. It creates a frenzy that gives exposure, credibility, and financial commitments. Getting funding is perhaps the most intimidating process for any filmmaker. I have developed a system to increase your funding goals 10x fold! Let’s take a deeper look into each financial pillar.


  • Film investors commit on both an emotional and logical connection to your script and vision.
  • Your development package (pitch deck, concept art, storyboards, proof of concept video, mood reel) stimulates them emotionally.
  • Your financial package (business plan, marketing plan, film budget, shooting schedule) brings clarity to their logistical questions.
  • Investors do care about the actors you are considering! Make sure you have an actor palette of at least 3 actors per lead role.
  • The more experience that the producers have, the more you reduce the risk.
  • All investments have risk. So don’t feel guilty about your offer. They are going to invest in something regardless, so why not let them invest in something with a cool factor!
  • Money is energy! It’s your duty to track it down.
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When seeking investment break it down into increments that you are comfortable asking for. Master the art of pitching, selling and presentation. What amount would you be comfortable asking a friend or a family member to invest in? $500.00, $1,000.00, $5,000.00, $10,000.00?  Use that as your foundation to start asking for money until your get comfortable asking for larger amounts.

A few weeks ago my client and I pitched to our first Hedge Fund! It was intense! Shark Tank on steroids! In the room there were 9 wealthy men. We even had our antagonist. The investor who asked the tough questions. He drilled us but we were prepared, calm and collected.  Another key insight from our pitch meeting was ACTORS matter!


  • Product Placement is an untapped resource filmmakers neglect!
  • The number 1 thing any business wants is ATTENTION! By being associate with a film, they get media coverage, buzz and promotional material.
  • Tie in products & services to the demographic of your film.
  • Regional & Local businesses have marketing budgets, so why not let them spend it own your film!
  • Incorporate their products and services into your movie via an integrated product placement deal.
  • The actors you hire could easily convert to a spokesperson for their company. The more notable the actor the more leverage you have.

By using the pitch deck I created for my client, he has already gotten $20,000.00 in product placement from one franchise alone! The franchise is a local company with over 100 franchises across the country. We are currently focusing on regional and local businesses, since there is direct contact and hardly any red tape.


  • We made a development package (pitch deck and mood reel) for a client of ours who recently raised over $26,000.00 for his next feature film
  • Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are the kings of crowdfunding. Based on the media exposure they get daily I wouldn’t use any one else.
  • Perks matter! Make them as unique and personal as possible!
  • Focus on an integrated pitch videos that plays in the realm of your film.
  • Look for people outside the film industry! That should be 60% or more of your pool of donors.

One of my client’s, is one of the greatest hustles I know. He has raised over $100,000.00 via crowdfunding for two of his films that I produced. The guy is unstoppable once he puts his mind to it. Crowdfunding needs its own pre-production, prior commitments and a detailed plan you can implement daily.


  • State Film Tax Incentives – Make the Film Commissioner work like they owe you money! They are there for a reason!
  • Grants
  • Fundraisers, Raffles, Auctions
  • Tax Breaks – Investor Tax Break Section 181

It seems like ages ago but in one of our first attempts to make our first feature, a director friend of mine had the idea of doing bbq sales to raise money for a proof of concept video for his horror film. He raised over $5,000.00 to shoot his proof of concept video, which later got him an investment of $150,000.00 to shot his first feature film. The film eventually got distribution in the UK and on Chiller TV.

How bad do you want it? Let your passion overwhelm your doubts, fears and lack of resources! Let me know how I can help you get film funding for your film!

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