There must be something in the water! San Antonio really has some of the best Special FX Makeup artist anywhere! I’ve had the pleasure to work with each one of these guys and they kickass! They truly are Masters of Horror. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with horror icons Bill Oberst Jr and Sarah Nicklin. If you have an awesome horror film you want to produce and use any of these genius Special FX Makeup Artist let me know!

Lawrence Mercado

Miguel & Manuel Cantu

Sergio Guerra

Zachry Smith


bill-oberst-fetish-movie Killing_Fields___Abyss_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___Dead_Maria_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___FX_Dead_Body_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___Senor_Zombie_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___Stare_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___THE_DARKNESS_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___Zombie_2_by_elgatonegro13 Killing_Fields___Zombie_by_elgatonegro13 TFS-07-1 10988483_10152870020961872_3706978435955907009_o 11167671_10152870010411872_8577450530764024250_n


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