Will Act for Food
Will Act for Food

What is the number 1 reason why you are not getting any film work? Think about it. It’s so obvious that you will slap yourself on the face.

Number 1 reason you are not getting any film work is…you don’t remind your previous employers or those who might hire you that you are still a working actor, editor, producer, 1st AD, grip, DP, sound mixer, film account, PA etc. It’s not the producer’s or the director’s job to stay in touch with you. It’s YOUR JOB!

When was the last time you sent out your resume and reel? When was the last time you called, emailed, texted one of your best previous employers? Just to talk shop or to send them a clip of that awesome scene you had in that great indie film. Even contacting those producers/directors who didn’t hire you can be a great source for future gigs but you have to remind them.

There are too many variables to leave your career up to chance. So take the initiative and reconnect!


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