Dysfunctional Family
Dysfunctional Family

Being the film producer of an independent film is like running an orphanage for at risk teens. One can write an exposé of all the crazy stuff that happens behind the scenes.

Everybody wants your undivided attention. Everybody needs money for “something”. Some need more nurturing and encouragement than other.

Like any family you might have a thief, the promiscuous one, geniuses, idiot savants, smart asses, some who go to the dark side and those that make you proud.

You are working with some of the most brilliant people in any field. From a production designer who can replicate the Mona Lisa, grips who could have been engineers or architects, actors who grab you emotionally with every single cut, 1st AD’s that could coordinate a national disaster, sound mixers who can compose some of the most touching music you would ever hear, writers who leave you with a profound sense of awe and line producers who should be working on Wall St.

And you are responsible for all of them. To inspire them to a level of the highest aesthetic with discipline and mutual respect. Sometimes we bicker, argue, become condescending, have fallout’s and at times we are all in sync! In the zone! In a perfect frequency of being at our best.

There are so many variables in producing an independent film. It’s chaos theory at its core. Organized chaos. Zen like. It’s a minute to minute test of your intuition, knowledge and resources. It’s what has kept me in the business for so many years.

Yes this is a business but it’s unlike any other business. And every time we do another feature film together is like a crazy cool family reunion.  It’s an emotional roll coaster that you will never forget!



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