So here we are at our world premiere for our indie film Dani The Ranch Hand. What an amazing experience. Had a full house at The Josephine Theatre, last night. You work so hard to finally get to a place were you are content with showing your work to an audience. The director, sound mixer and our executive producer were at it for months, to finally make a film we are all proud of.

Weeks prior to the event I was sending out our press kit to various news outlets. I reached out to local and national press to get coverage on our indie film. Based on the strength of the trailer, LA independent film, radio and web based company Film Courage encourage our director Brian Douglas to submit a director statement. Immediately we started getting support and interaction with other independent filmmakers and producers.

Next up, is to start getting ready for the film festival circuit. We are submitting the film to some prestigious festivals and can’t wait to continue the journey with our amazing production team.

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