It’s 1 AM and working on building an audience for Art of Dreaming. Still trying to find the right non-profit to partner with and get some momentum going. Built a nice website for the short film and spreading the news via twitter and Facebook.

The concept of dreaming and specifically lucid dreams have always fascinated me. It’s a realm our mind creates, so to explore it on film is a subtle task. The options are endless.

A few days ago I got another compelling painting from my art director. Every week this “dream” is turning into a reality. An intense illustration!

Raising money for any film is a tremendous task. It consumes so much time and you have no idea what angle you should focus on. It’s a crucial part of any independent film. For the time being I have add a PayPal button for anybody to contribute. Got some great perks to go with the contributions. Check the official website for more details! Stay tuned.

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