I haven’t explored a short film I wrote years ago, until recently entitled Art of Dreaming. A surreal tale about an artist trapped between his dreams and painting as while mourns the death of his muse.

Out of the blue I touch based with an old Art Director/Painter friend of mine Gordon Delgado. So we started hanging out again and getting into our deep metaphysical conversations. Which last hours. Not only is Gordon a brilliant painter but a brutal and ingenious writer as well. He gave me some serious feedback on the 1st draft of the screenplay. Out of our meetings we decide to barter some services. He would do the illustrations for me and I would help him edit a promo trailer for one of his features. So far it has been a profound journey.

In less than two week he had the first two colored illustrations that he made with watercolor. It blew my mind.

All of my film career I wanted to direct and only shoot on 35mm. I respect digital and was impressed with the RED Epic after producing – The Journalist. A DP colleague of mine once told me that the difference between 35mm and Digital was the equivalent of acrylic and oil painting. You can create art with both but its a different discipline. But for me its always been 35mm!

The strategy is to produce Art of Dreaming via a fiscal sponsorship from a non-profit organization. Another element is to create one of the best behind the scenes / filmmaking training videos ever.

Here we go. Add on Facebook.


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