Model Brandi Seguin - Photographer Marvin Jimenez

FADE IN: Violent Hues

Violent Hues is my first feature film which was originally entitled “Driving Without Brakes”. It’s currently in the development stage and going on it’s 3rd draft.


Bonded by a traumatic event 3 young women with beautiful violent hues struggle to get back into the flow of life.

The essence of the concept is a metaphor for a person’s perspective. Shades of their personality, spirit, convictions and that unique energy that belongs to every individual. There is an indigenous belief that when a traumatic event happens to a person, their “essence” that unique hue get thrown out of life’s orbit. That joyful flow of life is out of balance. This is a story of them fighting tooth and nail to get back into the rhythm of life. A spiritually brutal journey to finally be in sync.

So who are these beautiful violent hues?

  • MONICA GUERRA: Mexican/Latina Female 21. Raw & Sensual with a stunning urban prowess. Monica does classic street racing illegally to pay for college. Monica is extremely intelligent but has a violent temper. Her father has been in prison every since she was a little girl and she grew up with her uncle and cousin Luisa. Monica owns a ruby 64 Ford Galaxie 500. Violent Hue: RED
  • COURTNEY GALLAGHER: White Female 21. Sexy, Impulsive & Wild. Dirty blonde hair. One of the few white girls in all Mexican South Side neighborhood. Her parents own a hole in the wall music venue on the St. Mary strip where shes a bartender. Photography student at the local community college. Owns a charming beat up 66 Dodge Dart convertible Violent Hue: PURPLE.
  • DEBBIE ORTEGA: Mexican/Latina Female 20. Rugged and Beautiful. Morena. Short butch hair style. A cross between chola/rockabilly lesbian. She is randomly homeless because of the domestic violence at home with her alcoholic mother. Violent Hue: TEAL

A few months ago I had a failed crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to help raise money for the film. Nobody likes to fail but regardless I am still grateful for those who contributed but it fucking stings. A real painful lesson, when ideology and reality clash.

The film wasn’t ready. To many loose ends. Learned a lot. Maybe I’ll make a final attempt at crowdfunding with Kickstarter.

Another important element I am dealing with is to seek traditional distribution or self distribution. Sooner or later I have to be realistic and start seeking investors.

1/2 of my time is planning a funding and distribution strategy and the other 1/2 writing. It consumes my every waking hour but hey that’s the price I’m willing to pay.

But before my first feature film, I have to produce and direct my first short film, The Art of Dreaming and shot it on 35mm film.

I don’t make things easy for myself do I?