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What are the 4 Film Investor Personality Types?

What are the 4 Film Investor Personality Types? Your investors like the characters in your film have archetypes. Like a character in a film they tend to have a dominating traits about their persona. I can across this ingenious acronym from Tai Lopez, called P.A.S.E., which stands for Practical – Logisics Action – Physical Social – […]

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Pitching a film investor!

Pitching a film investor is an art form. It’s something you cultivate with months or years of practice. It’s the equivalent of being in the zone. It’s an invitation into the world of your film and it has to be captivating. How do you condense your life’s work into 20 compelling minutes? How do you capture someones […]

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How many times does an indie film producer hear NO???

How many times does an indie film producer hear NO??? In a day, a week, a month? Time and time again I have to remind first time filmmakers that if you don’t treat this craft, this art, “show business”, with the proper respect it will leave you in complete poverty. Your passion for filmmaker is […]

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What genre film are you producing?

What genre film are you producing? Genre gives a great indication on what your film funding strategy should be. Each genre tends to gravitate towards one main funding option. No matter what kind of film you are producing you have to diversify your funding efforts and genre gives you a clear picture on where you should put […]

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Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding is revolutionizing how film producers can fund their slate of films. Its a serious option to consider. In a nut shell, equity crowdfunding is a process where people buy shares in an unlisted company that is not in the stock market. What made this possible was the JOBS Act, which that congress and […]

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