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Birth of A KillerGang Money RunHey fellow Filmmakers! This is Mr. Sifuentes, I was a struggling actor who became an independent film producer.

Whether you are in development, financing, production or seeking distribution, I can help you achieve your goals! From proof of concept trailers, pitch decks, crowdfunding on kickstarter or indiegogo, pitching, looking for investors, film budgets/shooting schedules and distribution I have successfully done it all!

I have 12 years experience working in feature films, music videos and national/regional commercials as a producer/line producer and AD. I offer film production services for independent filmmakers.

My services lock down investors, distribution deals and casting! If you have struggled getting financing or having industry decision makers return your phone calls/emails or getting momentum on your film, I’m here to help! I have worked on feature films with budgets of $50,000.00 to $2,500,000.00, so regardless of the budget I always make things happen!

Funding is getting challenging by the minute and you need a producer who brings more than one thing to the table. I bring three immediately; distribution, packaging and financing material. My pitch decks are used to lock down investment, distribution and marketing.


Pitch Deck

As a producer I have successfully gotten distribution for three of the films I have produced. One of the films just recently secured 10,000 DVD to REDBOX, VOD (Itunes, Amazon, Hulu etc), Pay-Preview, and in negotiations with Netflix, with a small seven theater theatrical run.

My business plans and production services have been responsible for managing $3.0 million dollars in the last three years alone. I create business plans & pitch decks that give your investors the confidence, assurance and excitement in investing in your film.

No matter what stage of production you are in, whether it’s development, pre-production, production or finding a distribution company to pick up your film, I can help you reach that next level in your filmmaking career!A Darker Fifty Shades

The services I offer include

  • film distribution – Domestic, Foreign, Self Distribution – REDBOX, Netflix, iTunes, Walmart, Best Buy,
  • business plans for films
  • pitch decks
  • concept art
  • social media marketing campaign
  • film budget
  • shooting schedule
  • call sheet
  • script breakdown
  • casting/talent agency contacts
  • working with SAG/DGA
  • vendor relationships for cameras, 3 ton grip & lighting truck, catering etc.
  • a palette of creative crew members.

I give you the breathing room so you can focus on the creative process while I handle the return of johnny vthe important but meticulous paperwork which includes contracts, deal memos, SAG signatory, release forms, vendor agreements etc.


You need a film producer who will maximize your ROI and reduce the financial risk by attaching the best actors, crew, increasing production value and having a strategy for distribution.

So lets get your independent film produced!

mister sifuentes

Email me now with a brief description of what stage you are in production and which of my services best suits your needs at