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Producer Screenplay Coverage

PRODUCER SCRIPT COVERAGE How much is your screenplay worth? What potential monetary value does it have? Everyone is familiar with Script Coverage, which is an assessment  of your writing skills, characters, arcs, scope, rating system and structure.  It’s an educated opinion from an establish screenwriter or script reader. Script Coverage covers the artistic aspect of […]

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Vision Boards for Screenwriters

Vision Boards is a technique I have been implementing for the screenplays I write. It’s a powerful tool to adding layers into your characters with a visual guide. Here are the vision boards for my screenplay Violent Hues. Originally discussed on my filmmaking page VIOLENT HUES Tagline Sinners want forgiveness. Victims want revenge. Logline Bonded by […]

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Pitch Decks

Pitch Decks are revolutionizing how indie filmmakers are getting investments, contributions, grants, distribution, and collaborations. What is a pitch deck? It’s a physical printed brochure with a compressed business plan/look-book. They give your prospects the financial and artistic highlights. It’s a powerful presentation tool that leaves them asking for more. This is your first impression […]

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Birth of a Killer Trailer

Official Birth of a Killer trailer starring Ricardo Chavira, Billy Blair, Jesse Borrego, Sebastien De La Cruz and Bobbie Grace! An intense crime drama odyssey! Follow the journey on Facebook

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Film Budget like an Investor

It was legendary UPM Tom Kane that said “The goal of making a film budget is not to save money. It is to spend it onto the screen”. I want to take it a step further and substitute the word spend with invest. Think about film budgeting like a portfolio. Each department needs to give […]

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